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    Peel strength test machine is delivered to the Nanjing crown Electronics Co. Ltd.
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Recently, KJ-1065B type computer peeling strength testing machine has the Department of building instrumentation company successfully delivered to Nanjing crown Electronics Co. Ltd., reach a win-win.
    In order to ensure the industrial wiping products, anti-static products, clean room and clean room supplies products such as the production quality is stable. Crown electronics company selected the first domestic high speed (5000mm/min) peel strength testing machine manufacturers - Dongguan Kejian Instrument Co. ltd..

    Product introduction: computer type peeling strength testing machine
    Computer type peeling strength test machine equipped with different fixture test tape, self-adhesive trademark products 90 degrees 180 degrees peel strength, peel strength, from the type of force testing. In order to consider the dielectric adhesion tape products. And the tensile strength test base. Computer type peeling strength testing machine can through software editing, do pressure, tension test. The test precision of minimum test: 0.5g/25mm, resulting in the adhesive tape, protective film, release paper, release film electronic materials industry to improve the product quality level. Computer - peel strength tester to meet the standard: ASTMD3330, FINAT, GB/T2792, PSTC.
    Computer type peeling strength testing machine
    Computer type machine peeling strength test parameters:
    1, capacity: 1 - 500KG;
    2, precision class: 0.5;
    3, the maximum load (500KG: 500KG to force any change);
    4, the effective force measuring range: 0.02/100-100%;
    5, the test force resolution, maximum load 250 thousand yards; and unclassified, and full resolution;
    6, effective width: 100mm;
    7, the effective tensile space: 650mm;
    8 test speed: 0.01~500mm/min;
    9, speed accuracy: shows the value of less than 0.5%;
    10, the displacement measurement accuracy: the value is less than 0.5%;
    11, acquisition induction: the United States high precision sensor;
    12, control system: servo driver + servo motor;
    13, the software control system: digital closed-loop control system, can realize the constant stress and constant strain and constant displacement, test function;
    14, test lift device: computer digital control / manual control point;
    15, test station safety protection device: automatic diagnosis software, electronic limit;
    16, regression testing: manual can maximum speed returned to test the initial position, automatically automatically returns at the end of the test;
    17, overload protection: to set the value of the maximum load, automatic protection;
    18, fixture configuration: according to user requirements to customize the product sample;
    19, optional: Lenovo brand LCD computer set;
    20, motor: 400W;
    21, weight: about 55kg.
    Customer profile:
    Nanjing crown Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a static class products and clean room supplies products to prevent the science and technology development company. Company has research and development center, information center and cover the network marketing service center, with advanced production equipment, perfect quality testing instruments and complete mold processing equipment, product performance has reached the advanced level of the international similar products. The products are widely used in computer manufacturing industry, PCB integrated circuit, precision electronic components, communications industry, household appliances, led high-tech areas and automobile parts industry.
    Crown based electronic products mainly include: industrial cleaning products, anti-static products, clean room and clean room supplies, the formation of the materials in service is the main industry, based on development of high-volume, multi varieties, high-tech, high additional value of product of the industrial pattern. Some products have been exported to North America, the Middle East and other countries and regions, through the SGS certification, and by the majority of customers praise. Company with strong R & D capability and rich industry experience, perfect customer service system and modern management means, constantly launched a higher technological content, features more advanced, prices are more appropriate for high technology products.

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