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    Electronic tensile testing machine, color box printing delivery to Dongguan Xiang Quan
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01

    Congratulations to the Dongguan branch and Dongguan Xiang Quan Jian instrument printing factory to become partners.
    Dongguan Xiangquan printing factory is owned by Hong Kong Xiang Quan Printing Group subsidiary, professional production label, color box, paper bag, handmade boxes, specification, cloth mark, computer stripes, nameplates and other products. The company has been focusing on the management of product quality control, I purchased from the tensile testing machine, six standard light source color box, normal temperature type tape retention test machine and a number of testing equipment. Recently, tensile testing machine and other instruments have been delivered to the Xiang Quan printing company.

    Product Description:
    Six standard light source color box

    Standard light source of the use of color box: changes in lighting conditions, is can see objects color appears different standard light source color box system by a variety of different light source composed, and the representative natural light during the day. According to the C. i. e. made of artificial light, used in textile, printing, fluorescent material material color comparison evaluation performing color Ra98 above.
    Standard light source on technical parameters:
    TL84 Europe and Japan store light;
    UV UV light source;
    U30 warm white, American commercial light source (six light source)
    Control mode: electronic high frequency start.
    When the product is: five (six) use a variety of light sources when the number of cumulative group.
    Machine size: 72× 53× 56cm.
    Weight: 30kg.
    Power supply: AC110V/220V 50~60HZ.

    Xiang Quan printing company has a high-quality professional technical and management personnel more than 60 people, covers an area of area of more than 8000 square meters, the introduction of Japan and Germany two to six color labeling machine (20), Roland four-color machine, ECRM laser photo card machines, Agfa punching machine, glue machine, full automatic printing machine, UV drying machine and other advanced production equipment. Based on the Oracle data management system, from the billing, preparation, printing, seized goods, shipping and other processes by computer query and monitoring. The company's products have passed UL safety certification, management system has passed ISO9001:2000 certification, to enhance the quality of management, target management, " Xiang Quan " will be more quality products and customer service return.

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