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    Dongguan Kejian instrument and Delta new materials to establish friendly and cooperative relations
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01

    Guangdong Delta new material Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the people-oriented, quality is the first business philosophy, to customer demand oriented business policy. In order to achieve the grand goal of China's series of surface protection products bigger and stronger, Delta company in the environmental quality above pay more attention to take prevention of strategic management and strong investment in monitoring the quality of products, the introduction of a large number of high-tech precision testing instruments. Recently, Delta company from our purchase computer tensile testing machine, electric rolling pressure roller, precision ovens, surface resistance tester etc. a number of protective film testing instruments. We believe that build quality assurance of precision instruments in science, Delta company will lead protective film industry to develop in the direction of high performance, high quality, and environment protection, in order to make a contribution to the sustainable development of mankind and the earth.

    Computer type tensile testing machine

    Kj-1066 computer type of tensile testing machine adopts Mechatronics Design & nbsp; mainly by measuring force sensor, transmitter, microprocessor, load driving mechanism, consisting of a computer, with sensitive operation, has the advantages of high precision, suitable for all kinds of food packaging, textile, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, adhesive tape, electronic, metal and other industries of materials and products for tensile, peeling, tearing test, to determine the product quality.

    Attached to the standard: GB/T16491, GB/T1040, GB/T8804.1, GB/T8804.2, GB/T1041, GB/T9341, GB/T8808, GB/T18477, GB/T583, GB13022  GB8804.2-88 etc. GB, ISO and JIS, ASTM, DIN international standard and industry standard.
    Product configuration:
    Material: mold processing the whole aluminum hood without any solder joints, a senior smooth paint processing, durable.
    Japan's Panasonic motor: servo motor servo driver + Panasonic
    Transmission: Seiko T type ball screw + rod linear bearing
    Displacement: Japan Panasonic servo drive integrated speed encoder
    Motor roller

    Electric rolling wheel is used to test for adhesive tape peeling strength, holding viscosity test preparation. The pressure and speed will be fixed, adhesive tape sample standard smooth, uniform standard on substrate adhesion test. Has the advantages of simple operation, stable performance, avoid the error brought by manual operation. Electric rolling roller are widely used in: adhesive tape, protective film, stickers, labels, foam, adhesive, etc. the adhesive products industry & nbsp;.
    Precision oven

    Kj-2010 precision oven for general material preheating, drying, physical and chemical changes, can provide a stable test space, the special design of the wind, tie-in precision temperature control system and platinum temperature against antibody, the inside temperature distribution is uniform. Precision oven box size according to customer need to customize the distribution, the accuracy of 1% (1 c) C

    Guangdong Delta new materials Co., Ltd created in 1988, is a state-level high-tech enterprises, professional R & D and production of surface protection series of new materials. After 20 years of development, has become the size of adhesive products surface protection industry in China in the largest and most powerful leading enterprises.
    & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Delta company have a perfect structure and young, full of vigor and vitality of the technical research and development team, in terms of surface protection products has accumulated rich experience. The company introduced a number of advanced production technology and equipment, the development of leading products protective paper, protective film in 1989 continued to fill the number of gaps in the domestic production; 1995 for many years been rated as & nbsp. & ldquo; & nbsp; & rdquo; of high technology industry in Guangdong Province; & ldquo; delta card PE protective film & rdquo; it is awarded for industry's first a & ldquo; brand-name products & rdquo. The company spends a lot of money for technology improvement and development, the design of surface protection products series, many varieties and specifications, wide applicability, and can meet the needs of different types and uses customer demand. Delta company's products throughout the various provinces and cities and exported to dozens of countries.

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