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    Shenzhen jintaili paper products company limited successful delivery
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01

    Shenzhen jintaili paper products Co., Ltd. is a company with ten years experience of professional trademark printing enterprises. Recently, Gentili from our purchase of constant temperature and humidity testing machine, tensile testing machine, the color box, tape keep testing machine such as a large number of test equipment. Constant temperature and humidity testing machine, tensile testing machine, the color box, tape to keep force test machine to successfully delivered to jintaili paper products Co., Ltd., our technical personnel to install all the equipment and training the professional and technical personnel. Good service attitude of our company jintaili detection equipment quality and service personnel is appreciated. This is after the two companies to lay a solid foundation for long-term cooperation.

    Product Description:
    Tensile testing machine:

    KJ-1066B computer type universal material testing machine is suitable for all kinds of food packaging, textile, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, adhesive tape, electronic, metal and other industries of materials and products for tensile, peeling, tearing test, to determine the product quality. The electromechanical integration design of the computer type universal material testing machine, mainly by the force measuring sensor, transmitter, microprocessor, load drive mechanism, computer, high precision, simple operation.

    Constant temperature and humidity test machine:

    Program of constant temperature and humidity testing machine can be simulated high temperature and high humidity, high temperature and low humidity, low temperature and low humidity and different environmental test conditions, applicable to test materials, heat resistant to dry and wet and cold tolerance. In order to confirm the product resistance and resistance to aging of special environment. Program constant temperature and humidity test machine, the temperature and humidity controller adopts imported Korea temi880 touch screen, 120 sets 1200 sections programming, 999 cycles setting, and multiple sets of PID control function, attached RS-232 computer interface control, cooperation conforms with the temperature and humidity testing standards for air circulation system, can test conditions of the different environment simulation, collocation is easy to operate and learn programming of high accuracy control system.
    Standard light source color box:

    Standard light source of the use of color box: changes in lighting conditions, & nbsp; then can see objects color appears, & nbsp; standard light source color box system by a variety of different light sources which, & nbsp; and in a representative natural light during the day, & nbsp; according to the C. I. E. made of artificial light, & nbsp; used in textile, printing, fluorescent material material color, & nbsp; evaluation performing color Ra98 above.

    Shenzhen jintaili paper products is a from the design, plate making, printing and processing, integration of professional trademark printing enterprises; company solvency is abundant, the equipment is advanced, has imported trademark machine, Heidelberg, Roland, 10 sets of printing machine, attention to high-grade trademark printing, such as copper plate paper, synthetic & nbsp; & lt; BR & gt; paper, fire Yinlong, pet self-adhesive trademark, also have color card printing; products related to power, lithium batteries, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, clothing, medicine, wine, toys and other major industries.

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