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    A set of apparatus to lead the tensile adhesive in TCL group
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    A set of apparatus adhesive tensile machine lead into the TCL
    Huizhou TCL group as China brand-name enterprises, representing Chinese enterprise internationalization, the product quality and the technology content of self doubt heat. In the high-tech high-quality products selling behind high-tech testing equipment in the silent play supervisor and the role of judges, to ensure the quality of the product. By the Dongguan Department of construction of tensile testing machine instrument company produced and retention test machine and a set of instrument adhesive is one of the part.
    TCL group of product testing equipment selection and on their product quality requirements are equally demanding. In the nationwide repeated screening research, understanding to science built instrument brand reputation, high precision of test data, comprehensive and perfect after-sale system, the final choice of construction equipment for product testing laboratory partners.

    Product introduction:
    Computer type tensile testing machine
    KJ-1065 computer type tension test machine is suitable for the industries of rubber plastic, paper products, printing and packaging, adhesive tape, bags handbags, textile, pharmaceutical, hardware, daily chemical, food, electronic wire, etc., and the physical properties of the test all kinds of materials and finished products, semi-finished products. The testing machine to buy all different fixture do tensile, compressive, to pull, pressure, bending, tear, peel, adhesive force and the shear test, application in the adhesive industry can test tape, self-adhesive trademark products 90 degree peel strength, 180 peel strength, to consider the tape adhesion performance of products.
    Product features KJ-1065 computer type tensile testing machine:
    1, microcomputer system using commercially available computer as the main control machine, with the company of open test software, can complete all test parameters setting, working state control, data acquisition, analysis and processing, result display and print output;
    2, stable and reliable product performance, high accuracy, powerful software function and easy operation;
    3, the load cell by the United States Elmar high precision force sensor.
    Retention testing machine
    KJ-6005 ambient temperature tape keep testing machine for adhesive. Focus on the static load test and under a certain load automatic recording tape to keep time. To confirm the ageing of adhesive tape. Cut 1 inch wide strip tape posted on the provisions of the SUS#304 stainless steel plate, the 2kg standard roller to 300mm per minute speed and rolling three times, the steel plate is hung on the testing machine, plus the specified weight. When the tape since the plate after the fall, the timer will automatically retain the test time, used to assess tape adhesion of persistence. The adhesive tape to keep force test machine widely used in adhesive tape, protective film, adhesive sticker, foam, adhesive, etc. product industry, with specimens fall time automatic memory function, without the operator in the test process monitoring; structure has the advantages of beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
    Normal temperature type tape retention testing machine technical parameters are as follows:
    Temperature: room temperature
    Test group: 5
    Test weight: 1kg, 5
    Timer: 99999.9 hours (or 10 minutes, can be set), group
    Stainless steel plate: SUS #304,5
    Connector: 5P.S
    Accessories: level
    Tack test machine
    KJ-6030 tape initial adhesion testing machine widely used in adhesive tape, protective film, adhesive sticker, foam, adhesive, etc. products industries. Initial viscosity testing machine is the will of a specified size ball rolled over the inclined grooves and measuring the adhesive on the horizontal plate rolling adhesion surface distance to evaluate the initial tack size.
    Technical parameters of KJ-6030 initial viscosity testing machine:
    Angle: 20 degrees 30 '
    Rolling ball: 7/16 "(14")
    Machine size: 250 x 70 x 65cm
    Customer introduction:
    TCL Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1981, is one of the global scale of the consumer electronics group, 阿里巴巴 it and IT Industry Association, the cosmetics industry Baird Liston, electrical industry, Haier, dairy products industry of Mengniu, network industry are China's top brands. Owns three listing Corporation: TCL group, TCL multimedia technology, TCL communication technology. TCL has formed a multimedia, communications, household appliances and parts of four major industry groups, and real estate investment and business group, logistics and service group.

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