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    Congratulations to 1065A tensile testing machine landing Guangzhou Hongchang adhesive tape factory
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Longjing printing group from our purchasing tensile testing machine
    Recently, the main advantage of --1065A tensile testing machine Dongguan Kejian instrument delivery to Guangzhou Hongchang adhesive tape factory. Guangzhou Hongchang adhesive tape factory was founded in 1992, is currently one of the largest China adhesive products sales and export enterprises. Hongchang adhesive belt factory with Guangdong Province adhesive product engineering and technology research and development center, with the industry's first post doctoral scientific research workstation, advanced automation testing equipment, intermediate experimental equipment and destructive test system. 1065A tensile testing machine successfully by Hongchang and technical personnel of the strict test standard, another time that Dongguan branch construction equipment technical level has reached the industry leading level.
    Product introduction:

    1065A tensile testing machine:
    KJ-1065 computer type tension test machine is suitable for the industries of rubber plastic, paper products, printing and packaging, adhesive tape, bags handbags, textile, pharmaceutical, hardware, daily chemical, food, electronic wire, etc., and the physical properties of the test all kinds of materials and finished products, semi-finished products. The testing machine to buy all different fixture do tensile, compressive, to pull, pressure, bending, tear, peel, adhesive force and the shear test, application in the adhesive industry can test tape, self-adhesive trademark products 90 degree peel strength, 180 peel strength, to consider the tape adhesion performance of products.
    Product features KJ-1065 computer type tensile testing machine:
    1, microcomputer system using commercially available computer as the main control machine, with the company of open test software, can complete all test parameters setting, working state control, data acquisition, analysis and processing, result display and print output;
    2, stable and reliable product performance, high accuracy, powerful software function and easy operation;
    3, the load cell by the United States Elmar high precision force sensor.
    Customer profile:
    Guangzhou Hongchang adhesive belt factory was founded in 1992, is one of China's largest adhesive products in production, sales and export enterprises at present, is committed to the development and application of the adhesive production technology and BOPP as the main material of coating technology, production of excellent performance, uses a wide range. In 2007 to participate in the construction of national standards, is a polypropylene pressure-sensitive adhesive on 2008 with the promulgation and implementation of the national standard revision unit. The company is a high-tech enterprise, CAMAT brand is a famous brand in Guangdong Province, China brand-name products. The existing staff of more than 600 people, with an annual output of 50 thousand tons of adhesive tape, 1 billion square meters. The quality assurance system in 1999 through the ISO9001:1994 international quality constitution of the enterprise, then rising up to ISO9001:2000 standard, and got the URB certificate. The implementation of UL certification, certification of fire product certification, ISO14001 environmental quality system certification in advance, measurement assurance system construction to ensure the continuous improvement of product and system.

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