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    Melt index tester in Ronshen Plastics Co. Ltd.
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    My company production of melt index tester and a number of plastic testing instruments successfully entered the Ronshen Plastic Co. Ltd, provides the powerful guarantee for the quality of the products of Ronshen. Ronshen Plastic Co. Ltd is a Hisense Kelon Electrical Holdings Co Ltd owned by the company. Ronshen Hisense Kelon plastic to rely on a strong background, has been as a leader in plastic production in Southern China region. Ronshen plastic in expanding the scale of production at the same time, pay more attention to the quality control of plastic products, after repeated investigation and evaluation, choose our partners as the product quality detection.
    Product introduction
    Melt index tester:
    Financial melt index test instrument for determination of all kinds of plastic, resin in viscous flow state of melt flow rate (MFR value, so it can be used for higher melting temperature of polycarbonate and polysulfone, fluorine plastics, such as nylon engineering plastics, also suitable for polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), ABS resin, poly (POM), polycarbonate (PC) resin, such as low melting temperature of plastic test, are widely used in the production of plastic, plastic products, petroleum and chemical industry and relevant institutions, scientific research units and the commodity inspection authorities.
    Thaw melt index instrument for the desktop structure, reasonable design, stable and reliable performance, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, using the high performance and high precision control instrument with high sampling precision, speed control, using the fuzzy PID algorithm for temperature control. KJ-3092 thaw melt index instrument for improvement, increase the function of many, in the instrument configuration, instrument use life, ease of operation and precision has greatly increased, with domestic general melt flow rate instrument incomparable advantages and price.
    Customer profile:
    Ronshen Plastic Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, put into operation in 1993, is located in the town of Shunde Ronggui one of the top 100 China, a total investment of $15 million 800 thousand; annual sales reached 300 million. The company's main business for plastic Rongsheng refrigerators, Kelon air-conditioning accessories. At the same time, Sweden and other countries of the international well-known companies in the production of plastic products. The company specializes in plastic injection molding products factory, machine size of 80 tons --1600 tons, a total of 75 machines. Can process a variety of advanced technology, such as gas assisted injection molding, In-mold, double color injection, injection inserts etc.. Specialized in manufacturing various kinds of mold, double molding, gas assisted injection mold, auto mold etc..
    Hisense Kelon Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is China's largest white electric products manufacturing enterprises, was founded in 1984, the headquarters is located in China Guangdong Shunde, mainly the production of refrigerator, air conditioning, freezer, washing machine series products. By the end of 2006, the successful acquisition of Hisense Kelon, thus the birth of a new carrier China white appliances - Hisense kelon.
    Hisense white electric assets will be injected into the Kelon Electrical, then, Hisense Kelon will have Hisense, Kelon and Rongsheng three "China well known trademark", multiple areas of Hisense air conditioners, refrigerators, Hisense, Kelon air-conditioning, refrigerator Rongsheng has four "Chinese famous brand products, leading products include refrigerator, air conditioning, freezer, washing machine. Hisense Kelon in Shunde, Qingdao, the two set up R & D center, and the establishment of the scientific research institutions throughout the United States, Japan, Britain and other, industry scale, the largest and most complete professional R & D team by more than 1000 technicians, constantly with the mainstream of the world home appliance technology keep with step, promote the innovation of research results, is committed to enhancing people's quality of life, fully meet the needs of different countries and regions, different characteristics and preferences of consumers, become "China's household electrical appliance lead troops the enterprise".

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