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    The drop test machine to Egypt double column tensile testing machine, the
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    R & D and production of construction equipment company has been committed to precision instruments, years of careful management, diligently pursue, make the instrument produced widely recognized by peers and customers. Recently, the group of the United States from our purchased 10 tons of double column tensile test machine, drop test machine etc. a number of sophisticated equipment, drop test machine is traveled to the United States, the group to establish a laboratory in Egypt.
    Product introduction:

    Double column tensile testing machine:
    Double column tensile testing machine is suitable for all kinds of food packaging, textile, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, adhesive tape, electronic, metal and other industries of materials and products for tensile, peeling, tearing test, to determine the product quality. The 10 ton double column tensile testing machine has strong bearing capacity, the electromechanical integration design, and high measuring accuracy.
    Drop test machine:
    Drop test machine is used to specifically test the carton, physical packaging, household appliances, etc. from certain height of free fall, observe the inside have no by bad, in order to make the improvement of packaging materials and reference of choose and buy. Drop test machine structure is advanced, in a drop in the course of carriage of the goods first rapid downward movement and rotation movement to ensure bracket and packing specimens isolated free, realize package free fall, small impact vibration, stable and reliable is really complete the faces, edges and corners of the drop test drop test rig.
    Customer introduction:
    The group of the United States also known as Midea Group Co. Ltd., has a strong marketing network all over the country, and in major markets overseas with nearly 30 branches. Founded in 1968, the United States and the group, is a home electrical appliance industry, involved in the lighting weather, real estate, logistics and other fields a comprehensive modernization of large-scale enterprise group, the flag has three listed companies, the four major industry group, is one of China's largest white goods production base and export base.

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