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    Universal tensile machine delivery to Nanpao resins
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Universal tensile machine is mainly used for testing materials, adhesive peel force in rubber industry, so also known as the peel strength test machine tool, adhesive, rubber industry finished materials detection. Dongguan science and technology instrument produced by universal tensile machine with its excellent quality, stable performance, exquisite craft and other popular adhesive industry customers.
    Nanpao resins (Foshan) Co., Ltd. for the establishment of a new South Po group, a wholly foreign-owned enterprises, registered capital of nearly 70 million yuan, adhere to the "quality first, technology leadership, service first" quality policy, with high quality products and good service quality to win the domestic and foreign customers long-term trust and support. In order to maintain the advantages of product quality, purchase Nanpao universal tensile testing machine, motor roller and a number of adhesive testing equipment from our company.
    Recently, the electric motor roller, universal tensile machine and other equipment have been delivered to Nanbao group.
    Product introduction:
    Universal tensile machine:
    Universal tensile machine is suitable for all kinds of food packaging, textile, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, adhesive tape, electronic, metal and other industries of materials and products for tensile, peeling, tearing test, to determine the product quality. Stripping strength testing machine equipped with different fixture test tape, self-adhesive trademark products 90 degrees 180 degrees peel strength, peel strength, adhesion to consider tape products. The accuracy of software testing: 1g/25mm, and the minimum in the tape, protective film, electronic materials industry, greatly improving the quality of products.
    Motor roller:
    Electric KJ-6021 rolling pressure roller for adhesive tape peeling strength, to viscosity test piece preparation, widely used in adhesive tape, protective film, adhesive sticker, foam, adhesive, etc. products industry. The electric roller has the advantages of simple operation, stable performance, avoid the error brought by manual operation.
    Technical parameters of motor roller:
    Rubber hardness: Hs80 + 5
    Rolling speed: 300mm/min
    Machine size: 52 x 29 x 25cm (W * D * H)
    Machine weight: 20kg
    Power source: 1PH, AC220V, 2A
    Customer introduction:
    Nanbao resin group was founded in 1953, after 50 years of development and innovation, has grown to specializing in the production of plastic shoes and agent, coatings, resin chemistry and other special chemical products of multinational companies, and successfully in Hong Kong listed. Group since its inception, always uphold the "honest management, steady" management style, adhere to the "leadership, integrity, unity and efficiency," concept of corporate culture, to high-quality products and good service quality become the evergreen tree of the adhesive industry.

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