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    Universal tensile testing machine for successful delivery of precision electronic Australia sprint
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Congratulations to Dongguan Kejian instrument and Australia Pulin te Precision Electronics Co. Ltd. cooperation success. Universal tensile testing machine, electric rolling wheel and a number of sophisticated detection equipment has been successfully delivered the Australian sprint Co. ltd..
    Product introduction:

    KJ-1065B universal tensile testing machine is my company's flagship product, high test precision, wide application, so it is the title of "universal tensile testing machine", suitable for all kinds of food packaging, textile, rubber, plastic, synthetic leather, adhesive tape, electronic, metal and other industries of materials and products for tensile, peeling, tearing test, to determine the product quality. The accuracy of software testing: 1g/25mm, and the minimum in the tape, protective film, electronic materials industry, greatly improving the quality of products.
    The electromechanical integration design of universal tensile testing machine, mainly by the force measuring sensor, transmitter, microprocessor, load drive mechanism, computer, high precision, simple operation. Another: the instrument by software can edit, pressure, tension test.
    Customer profile:
    Australia Pulin te company is a to all self-adhesive materials, elastic materials, coating materials for die cutting production and label printing of multinational companies. Provide supporting services for the electronics industry, IT industry, commercial, telecommunications, automotive industry and market. The company has a global range of source materials and manufacturing capacity in line with international standards, relying on the advanced concepts and technology, with the development and expansion of high-tech products to customers. At present, Australia Pulin te (Tianjin) Co., Ltd to customers around the world to provide protective film, double-sided tape, foam, dust-proof net product diversification.

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