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    Congratulations to our computer type tensile testing machine in Shenzhen Liancheng Technology
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    He I pull machine heat detection equipment and Shenzhen Liancheng Technology Co. Ltd. signed computer type tensile testing machine, has been sent to the Shenzhen science and Technology Co. Ltd. located in liancheng.
    Computer type tensile testing machine to join the Shenzhen Liancheng Technology Co. Ltd is mainly to test adhesive peel strength, adhesion, tensile and tear properties of adhesive. It is understood that Shenzhen Liancheng Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in the production of automation equipment, electrical test and measurement equipment, environmental test equipment and automatic control equipment industry of high-tech enterprises. Ji'an instruments R & D, gauge wire and cable testing instruments and testing equipment and other products of the production, sales and service in one. Company to create fine, innovation, excellence as the goal, Gao Zhiyuan, has become one of the great production and development capabilities of the scale industrial company. To improve the company's manufacturing and customer service service system, customer loyalty as lift the menace from the rear, companies adhering to the "integrity-based, customer first" principle of customer service.

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