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    Congratulations to our Shenzhen Liancheng technology company again successful cooperation
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Last November, Shenzhen Liancheng technology company purchasing a computer type tensile testing machine in our operation, until today, good. Nowadays, computer tensile testing machine again into Shenzhen Liancheng technology company that our computer type tensile testing machine has the superior performance of excellent quality products and services won the Shenzhen Liancheng induced by the trust company of science and technology. Shenzhen Liancheng technology company staff told us, when the company decided to buy the computer again pull test machine is the first to consider the US Department of construction equipment.
    Product introduction: KJ-1065A computer type tensile testing machine
    Computer type tensile testing machine with motor loading system, speed control motor control. Digital display test force, amount of deformation of the spring; test force four speed full automatic switching, measuring range is wide; test method of diversification (test set, spring detecting residual height or deformation; setting up a spring residual height or deformation, the test force; set spring pre compression times, pre compression); multi point automatic acquisition; fully automated test procedure; calculate and print output spring piecewise stiffness and tension springs of the initial tension. Imported CNC motor loading, precision ball screw drive. With overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, limit position protection function.

    The electromechanical integration design computer type tensile testing machine, mainly by the force measuring sensor, transmitter, microprocessor, load drive mechanism, computer, high precision.
    Computerized tensile testing machine with GB/T16491, GB/T1040, GB/T8804.1, GB/T8804.2, GB/T1041, GB/T9341, GB/T8808, GB/T18477, GB/T583, gb13022 GB8804.2-88 etc. GB, ISO and JIS, ASTM, DIN, GB/T2792 international standard and industry standard.
    Specification for computer type tensile testing machine:
    1, capacity: 1 - 500KG;
    2, precision class: 0.5;
    3, the maximum load (500KG: 500KG to force any change);
    4, the effective force measuring range: 0.02/100-100%;
    5, the test force resolution, maximum load 250 thousand yards; and unclassified, and full resolution;
    6, effective width: 100mm;
    7, the effective tensile space: 650mm;
    8, test speed: 1~500mm/min;
    9, speed accuracy: shows the value of less than 0.5%;
    10, the displacement measurement accuracy: the value is less than 0.5%;
    11, acquisition induction: the United States high precision sensor;
    12, control system: Japanese Panasonic digital AC servo controller;
    13, the software control system: digital closed-loop control system, can realize the constant stress and constant strain and constant displacement, test function;
    14, test lift device: computer digital control / manual control point;
    15, test station safety protection device: automatic diagnosis software, electronic limit;
    16, regression testing: manual can maximum speed returned to test the initial position, automatically automatically returns at the end of the test;
    17, overload protection: to set the value of the maximum load, automatic protection;
    18, fixture configuration: according to user requirements to customize the product sample;
    19, optional: Lenovo brand LCD computer set;
    20, electric machine: 400W;
    21, weight: about 55kg.
    Computer type tensile testing machine configuration:
    Material: mold processing the whole aluminum hood without any solder joints, a senior smooth paint processing, durable;
    Japan's Panasonic motor: servo motor + Panasonic servo driver;
    Transmission: Seiko T type ball screw + rod linear bearing;
    Displacement: Japan Panasonic servo drive integrated speed encoder.
    Customer profile:
    Shenzhen Liancheng Technology Co. Ltd. is a professional engaged in environmental testing equipment of electrical measuring instruments and automatic control equipment industry of high-tech enterprises. Ji'an regulatory instruments, wire and cable testing instruments and testing equipment such as product development, production, sales and service in one. The company has a group of interested in the equipment industry professionals, to high-tech as a means test gauge problem and the problem of detection of various solutions, and to provide customers with the professional test equipment and provide the most complete laboratory solutions. With a fine, Gao Zhiyuan, innovation and excellence as the goal, has become one of the great production and development capabilities of the scale industrial company.

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