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    To predict the future development trend of the electronic tensile machine industry
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Into the second half of 2015, electronic tensile testing machine industry is still staged fierce competition war ", the entire industry smoke". But in fact, there is no direction and strategic investment "war", will only make the electronic tensile testing machine enterprises "utterly routed". Enterprises in the future development of the road, we should grasp the trend of the overall development of the industry, timely adjustment of development strategy.
    product personalization
    In the electronic tensile testing machine on the market now, any electronic tensile testing machine products are filled with youthful radiance, industry seems to gradually to the transition of young.
    The weight increase in the high-end market
    With the rapid development of China's economy, growing middle class, and become the main consumer groups for high-end products. This part of the consumer groups will have their own choice, they will be a detailed comparison of the products, most do not care about the big and not only care about the quality.
    Conclusion: in recent years, traditional electronic tensile testing machine of gradually suffered from market left out in the cold, to electronic tensile testing machine enterprises only a moment to pay attention to the latest industry trends, in order to better grasp industry trends, timely adjustment of strategies.

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