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    How to change the development of universal material testing machine industry slowdown in Enterprises
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    China machine industry universal material testing slowdown, from rapid growth to the rapid growth stage. At the same time, the export growth rate dropped significantly. But by the global economic slowdown, 2015 universal material testing industry in general downturn in demand, universal material testing production enterprise survival pressure, in urgent need of transformation and development.
    A new, universal material testing
    Universal materials testing is widely used in agriculture, packaging, chemical, electronics, construction, defense, transportation and people's life more areas, has become the people's daily life in the most common material testing machine is one of the.
    Two, the mobile Internet has become a new business model
    As a new business model of the mobile Internet. It can not only achieve universal material testing industry overall economic profit improvement, more important is help to promote the improvement in management, management, marketing, sales and other a plurality of informationization level of universal material testing industry, so as to promote the enhancement of universal material test the overall strength of the industry. In the field of mobile Internet, universal material testing enterprises want to obtain long-term development, it must meet the various consumer groups, personalized, diversified product demand, so as to broaden the development of enterprise applications.
    According to industry experts, the universal material testing industry integration development of mobile Internet, is universal material testing industry from the traditional line market to the emerging mobile Internet market shift, the shift to universal material testing industry opens up new sales channels and sales market, has an important significance to improve the overall economic benefits of universal material testing industry, to expand the scale of the industry and promote the improvement of universal material testing industry informatization level.
    According to reports pointed out that our universal materials testing production currently accounts for about 20% of the total output of plastic products, 2014, the market size of the universal material testing for 3138.5 billion yuan, to maintain steady growth of the good momentum of development. Therefore, universal material testing enterprises need to continuously improve the competitiveness of the market, research and development and to enhance the level of production and processing, and actively develop new universal material testing, breakthrough in the current development model, combined with Internet and mobile Internet business model to broaden the market channels, the achievement of universal materials testing industry of high performance, multi-function and broaden the applications in the field of development.

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