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    Why the good development of rubber tensile machine industry of small and medium-sized enterprises is not optimistic
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    In the manufacturing industry rising trend, the contribution of the enterprise is the highest. But there are contrary to the principle of situation, in scale enterprises, SME PMI 48.3% and 44.8%, respectively than last month drop 0.4 and 1.8 percentage points. The development of enterprises in the contraction range, especially small manufacturing industry, its production difficulties and problems existing in the business operations is still outstanding. For example, rubber tensile machine industry enterprises will display the problem.

    Rubber tensile machine in small and medium enterprises in the development of production bottlenecks, has been the common state of the market, this is commonplace topic. But why has been in such a situation? The reasons are many and complex, one of the main reasons is the question of funding, the rubber tensile machine of small and medium-sized enterprises not large enterprises, well funded, financing difficulties. This makes the enterprise walks with difficulty in the transformation and development. The development of the times and constantly change, small and medium-sized enterprises before a project is not fully implemented, market and the emergence of new ways of development. Moreover, small and medium-sized enterprises in a state of the status quo, competition is not large enterprises in the fierce, caused the rubber tensile machine, small and medium-sized enterprises has been marking time. Even if the present policies, mostly around the transformation of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, but the history of rubber tensile machine for small and medium enterprises legacy has not been completely resolved. In the market development, capital, under its own conditions, the rubber tensile machine in small and medium enterprises in the transformation of the development is difficult, but rubber tensile machine in small and medium enterprises to the difficulties and break a siege, only the development of the spring.

    The great development of the industry, not only is a part of factors, various aspects of the work and the formation of. In the development of small and medium enterprises struggling, large enterprises need to their leaders, pull them out, walking in the way, for the development of the industry efforts.

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