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    Electronic tensile testing machine and all kinds of detection equipment operating procedures
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    1 the use of equipment, carefully read the technical manual, familiar with the technical indicators, work performance, use method and matters needing attention, in strict accordance with the instrument instructions for the steps.
    2 the initial use of equipment personnel, must operate under the guidance of skilled personnel, independent operation of proficiency before.
    Equipment and equipment used in the experiment to 3, the layout is reasonable, orderly, convenient operation, observe and record etc..
    4 electronic equipment is energized, to ensure the supply voltage in accordance with equipment specified input voltage value, is equipped with three wire power plug equipment must be inserted with a protective grounding power socket, ensure safety.
    5 use the equipment when the input signal or the external load should be limited within the specified range, no overload operation.
    6 optical chemical instruments and accessories, when used to handle gentlyand avoid vibrations. Do not touch the surface of the optical glass. Found the dust and dirt, do not use hand or wipe cloth, must use special products or special tool removal.
    7 some equipment should not be used in the operation of magnetic field or electric field, shielding measures must be implemented, prevent equipment damage or reduce the measurement accuracy.
    8 kinds of mechanical equipment, must ensure the no-load running without fault before loading before use. For lubrication, after use wipe clean, pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance.
    9 instruments are not allowed to be Chaigai or disintegration, due to the need to develop new features or renovation, according to the grading management authority, examination and approval procedures after the implementation.
    . often equipment maintenance and maintenance, and store it in a dry and ventilated place, stand-by time of long instruments and equipment should be periodically energized boot to prevent the hygromycin damage to the equipment parts and components of the.
    11 the establishment of large precision, technical index of valuable equipment calibration and calibration system, technical indicators should be maintained. Make use of original records.

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