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    Tensile test of rubber tensile properties should have the condition
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    The tensile properties of rubber tensile test should have the following conditions:
    A test of rubber need large stroke.
    Because the rubber tensile deformation in large quantity, especially of latex products, elongation could reach more than 1000%. So before the rubber specimen fracture, the holder must ensure that sufficient stroke.
    Two. High precision and high frequency data acquisition
    Tensile rubber without a great force, tension measurement range without great accuracy, so need to force value. General requirements for testing machine can be more than two precision force value calculated after the decimal point. In addition due to the detection of rubber tensile properties requires the tensile process of tension value, and tensile test and do not repeat, so instantly and accurately record of each test section of tension values for the success or failure of the test plays a very important role.
    Three. Accurate gauge measuring and recording device.
    From the measurement of the specimen is an important data calculation of rubber elongation tensile test machine, so rubber tensile test must be accurately measured variables of the sample, and immediately recorded.
    Four. The device can accurately describe the stress-strain curve.
    Tensile strength and standard distance between close contact. For example: the sample set tensile force need measuring tensile specimens to a given elongation force value, and constant stress need measuring tensile specimen to the given should be the direction of a force distance. After completion of the test, the stress-strain curve can reproduce the testing process, numerical and clear reflection of each test section, easy to calculate the test requirements of the project.

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