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    The maintenance method of tensile testing machine
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    A tensile test machine, vibration or pause the pointer
    1, clutch gear wear: the need for repair or replacement.
    2, the skin friction disc spring washer or wear: need to change the skin or spring washer.
    3, handle shift: to adjust the control handle, and the alveolar fit.
    Two, the replacement of the pendulum when the pointer does not return to zero
    1, tensile testing machine installation level: the level of instrument to adjust the level of machine test.
    2, not only the vertical pendulum: hanging weight A. Adjust the balance weight, make vertical.
    Three, tensile testing machine pendulum back too fast or too slow
    1, the buffer valve gear position improper placement: adjust the buffer valve to the appropriate location.
    2, the hydraulic oil viscosity is too low or too high: pendulum fall fast hydraulic oil viscosity is too low, slow down high viscosity. The viscosity of hydraulic oil should be replaced properly.
    3, buffer valve, oil or hydraulic oil dirt cleaning: buffer valve, tubing. The replacement of hydraulic oil.
    Four, tensile testing machine, the pointer back to zero lag or instability.
    1, pointer bearing, spindle bearing corrosion or oil: cleaning or replacement of bearings.
    2, gear shaft and the gear tooth deformation of rod or not meshing toothed bar: straightening or cleaning, dressing, Geneva gear transmission parts.
    3, valve: cleaning dirty buffer buffer valve.
    In five, the value of positive bias tensile testing machine
    1, the short arm of the knife blade is loose and tight.
    2, the pendulum is light weight weight: to (A, B, C to take into account the weight of the weight).
    Six, showing the value of negative deviation is the main reason for the friction between the various components is too large
    1, pointer bearing, a pendulum shaft bearing and power transmission parts friction resistance is too large: the main adjustment, bearing cleaning and measuring force transmission parts. Eliminate abnormal friction resistance.
    2, chuck, driven needle leaf spring elastic degree and describe the frictional resistance of the device: adjust the chuck, driven needle leaf spring elastic degree and describe the components of the device. In order to eliminate the abnormal friction resistance.
    3, the piston rod and the swing rod connected position is not flexible adjustment between parts. The flexible.
    Seven, a needle blocking or displacement
    1, a needle spring elasticity or the driven needle and the indicator friction caused by the size of Q: gap adjustment driven needle spring force of the spring sheet or the driven needle and the indicating disc.
    2, driven needle deviation adjustment: Alligator ends heavy weight of the both ends of the balance.
    Eight, showing the value of deviation without the law
    1, gear lever, gear oil, wear or burr: eliminate the gear lever, gear oil, burr, find out when the ultra poor tooth rod contact points, and correction of the rack bar and the gear; if not eliminate errors. Replace the tooth rod, a gear.
    2, tensile testing machine testing machine installation level: level adjustment.
    3, rod bending: tooth alignment or replacement tooth rod rolling groove gap adjustment.
    Nine, computer software online after the prompt information overload.
    The solution is to check the computer and the communication line testing machine is off; check whether online sensors choose right; check the last test or the operation key
    Wheel sensor is knocked off; check to appear before a problem whether or not to use the software calibration or calibration functions; and to examine whether manually change the calibrated values, and calibration values or hardware parameters of other information.
    Ten, the host power supply test machine is not bright, not on the move.
    Solution is checking the access testing machine of the power line is connected properly; check the emergency stop switch is in screwed up; check access testing machine power supply voltage is normal; check the machine socket on the insurance is blown, please remove the spare fuse can be installed.
    Eleven, the host machine power supply with power equipment but can not move up and down.
    Solution is to check whether it is 15s (time) equipment is unable to move, because host boot self-test, about 15s; check the upper and lower limit is again appropriate position, there is a certain operating space. Check access testing machine power supply voltage is normal.

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