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    Electronic tensile testing machine test steps
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    1, about the specimen handling: circular sample holder in the round jaw clamp, specimen clamping. The sample shall be perpendicular to the flat clamp, not skew. The clamping part to meet the long, at least for the length of the upper and lower clamping block 3/4 clamp, no lifting crossbeam.
    2, about the force value of zero: to display the sampling data, a sensor bar on the main interface of software. Tensile test of 4 kinds of sensors show the function values, namely test force, displacement, extensometer, peak force. After the specimen, usually in the clamping fixture extensometer, each sensor will start running test of zero talent. But force sensor and cleared match special, first tensile fixture clamp, then adjust the beam to the proper range, the force values to zero, and then clamping chuck.
    3: get rid of permanent deformation after loading, the data is still residual deformation.
    4 yield point: data is stretched in the electronic tensile testing machine, the deformation increased and the stress point is unchanged, the yield point. Yield point is divided into upper and lower yield point, usually above the yield point as the yield point. Bow: load beyond share limit and elongation are no longer proportional loading will suddenly and within a period of time, rugged, elongation occurs change greatly. This phenomenon is called submission.
    5. Yield strength: tensile, permanent elongation at a regular value load, divided by the parallel part raw basal area, income of business.
    6 spring: K value and weight of force and deformation deformation with the phase ratio.
    7 Effect of elastic and hysteresis loss.

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