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    December 1, 2015 exhibition news
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    In 2015, the seventh Asia international label printing exhibition held in Shanghai New International Expo Center today, gathered at the scene of the industry many famous exhibitors, the industry has attracted a lot of industry procurement customers come to the consultation, a sea of people at the scene and lively piece.


    Our company (Department of construction equipment) Kunshan branch on behalf of our exhibitors of the exhibition, the exhibition booth number for the E24, in order to carry out the exhibition can better, our company responsible person Sue always also went to Shanghai to cheer, cheer for the exhibition.

    For this exhibition were prepared for the our company is the flagship of several products, namely computer peeling strength test machine, tape retention test machine, tape initial adhesion testing machine, print abrasion test machine, at the beginning of the annular stick test machine

    Our sales patience for foreign customers to introduce our products
    Come to our booth in the customer, in addition to a number of new customers coming and some old customers also come to visit.

    Our general method and faithful Su Xin Zhu Zong scene photo
    The scene of the major exhibitors booth

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