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    The Department established a friendly activities (soccer)
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    November 28 at 4 o'clock in the afternoon our (Department of construction equipment) and brothers (equipment) in the riverside football field held a friendly football match, although every week we two will football activities, but this is annual tournament, everyone is paid special attention, even our cheering squad is strong up make preparations, slogan of victory.

    In the first half we were warming up, less than two teams score, almost equally split, midfield momentum came, the game began to enter the radical state, intense competition in the field, OTC cheerleaders shouting is not lost, each call own slogan.


    During intermission rest time captains of the teams are with his teammates to front strategies are analyzed and summarized, we Su Zong (Department of construction equipment) also personally directed two players, analyse and discuss the first part of the game in some special cases, extraordinarily professional, also said, regardless of race or the work is the same, to be good at summing up, in front of the summed up the problem, behind will be able to avoid happen again in front of the error, the continuous progress.

    At 18:20 game officially ended, match ratio of 3 to 1, slightly lose 2 points, although we in the score of the game is lost, but we in spirit win, as long as in every game play a best level, it is a harvest.

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