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    The main news article 11.16 technical training report
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    November 14 afternoon, our (Department of construction equipment) in the conference room held first period of products and technical training, training by our production manager Yanggong for the market department colleagues were tensile machine fixture to explain, and demonstrate the operating process of the new product. The training content mainly explain the cloth clamp and 90 degree peel fixture technology improvement, mainly for the appearance, texture and structure are improved, and the improvement of science, than the old version of the fixture more humane, operation more convenient and more accurate measure and so on.

    In the process of training the marketing department colleagues have put forward their views, and earnestly notes.
    Meeting Yang Industry and trade also mentioned, the improved is according to the long time of business clients and some feedback summary information out of, hope future business in follow up customers can more to listen to customer needs, understand the suggestions and opinions of customers more, because only by understanding the user reflect the true to find products of real problems, can we put the product better. At the same time in this process is to customer needs further understanding only to understand the real needs of customers we can more effectively improved, and getting better.

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