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    Discusses the domestic universal testing machine to lose in the end?
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    In the growing pursuit of change and innovation in the world, it seems that all walks of life in this concern, but in R & D, production, market circulation, application process, beset with innovation by various factors, which allow people to the domestic universal material testing machine development into a "love and responsibility" anxiety and distress of the situation. For domestic universal material testing machine, some people do not want to spin off of much emotion: talk like, also don't like. They just think, buy domestic universal testing machine to engage in scientific research is a waste of money and time. Scientific instrument is equivalent to the "hidden" in the military industry, is that countries compete for the field. However, how to accelerate scientific instruments by "Chinese manufacturing" to "create China upgrade, there are still many difficulties need to break through. What is worse than the imported domestic testing machine testing machine in?

    1, lost in scientific research, R & d better write papers
    The successful development of equipment, mainly used for scientific research units, enterprises, meet the needs of scientific research, but the project if not for financial support, no one is willing to take. The reason is very simple, the results of this paper can be a half a year, a universal material testing machine for 3 years does not have the result. Researchers every year assessment, no results don't know what you are doing. No results, why in the circle? Even if the device is developed, also relates to the subsequent transformation and application problems, which involve the energy and will have to bear the risks are far more than the output results.

    2, lost in the application, the "risk unsustainable"
    On the domestic test box, the main problem is the user experience of the comprehensive performance was generally weaker than the imported equipment, and poor reliability. From the perspective of an investment, domestic universal material testing machine may account for advantages, but from the long-term cost, foreign universal material testing machine is relatively mature, reliable and pay attention to the details of the more likely to bring the greatest benefits for the enterprise and the user. "Buy domestic instrument basically is a waste of money and time." this is not a simple concept, but researchers not waste their time and money.

    3, lost in the production, the time difference is more bad attitude
    Domestic equipment independent innovation is still difficult, the basic industries and basic research can not keep up with the results. Domestic universal material testing machine reliability and stability, many cases have been blamed for the lack of innovation. This is a question of attitude. Only pay attention to innovation in R & D, reliability and quality assurance aspects do not need innovation, is the implementation of. As long as it can be done conscientiously.

    4, lost in the market, marketing is not in place
    Domestic scientific instrument demonstration market needs to be strengthened. The company's products are also lack of technical validation and comprehensive evaluation methods, it is difficult to get user acceptance. This industry was criticized. Have found, change will be progress, only to change our deficiencies, we believe that the universal material testing machine can be better and more confident to go abroad.

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