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    KJ-1065A Peel Strength Test Machine Computer Servo System
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2017-03-18
    Design standards:

    ASTM D903, GB/T2790/2791/2792, CNS11888, JIS-K6854, PSTC7


    KJ-1065A computer servo system, peeling strength test machine is the company designed for protective film, release paper, release film, adhesive belt and adhesive industries developed, for various adhesive products in different ways the peel strength test of the testing instrument. Choose different capacity of the sensor and the fixture can be 180 degrees and 90 degrees, T shape and floating roller method (applicable to high strength adhesive) etc. the peeling test and adhesive tensile shear strength, tearing strength test.


    1, machine structure used by senior paint handling aluminum squeeze plate built-in high precision, low resistance, zero gap double ball screw and a guide post, improve the load efficiency and structure rigidity;
    2, control system adopts Panasonic AC servo motor digital AC high frequency response control server, ensure that the transmission system of high efficiency, stable transmission, low noise, speed and accuracy can be controlled within 0.2%;
    3, computer system using commercially available computer as the main control machine, with the company of open test software, can complete all test parameters setting, working state control, data acquisition, analysis and processing, result display and print output;

    Technical parameters:

    Machine capacity: 2, 5, 10, 20, 50KG;
    Force measuring accuracy: + 0.5%;
    Force resolution: 1/250000;
    Test speed range: 0.5~500mm/min keyboard input control;
    The maximum stroke test: 650mm (not including fixture);
    Effective test space: 120mm
    Machine size: 58 x 58 x 125cm (W * D * H);
    Machine weight: about 70Kg;
    Power supply: 1, 220V/50Hz;
    Power: Japan Panasonic servo motor;
    Mode of operation: computer control, Windows mode of operation;
    Software specification: use Windows platform, all the parameter settings dialog box form processing, simple operation; single screen operation, without the need for switching the screen; software interface is simplified, traditional Chinese three Chinese and English language, convenient switching; self planning test table model; the test data can be directly in the main screen call in the choice of translation and comparison; at the same time comparative data curves; with a variety of measurement units, metric can be switched; with automatic correction function; test method with custom functions; operational analysis with experimental data; with automatic magnification function, to achieve the most appropriate size can be tensile and graphics; the compressive strength, bending, peeling, holding, holding pressure, tensile fatigue test.

    Safety device:

    Travel protection: machinery, computer double protection, prevent exceeds the preset stroke;
    Power protection: system settings;
    Emergency stop device: it can deal with emergencies.

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