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    Computer testing machine KJ-1067 type low temperature stripping force
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2017-03-23
    A type of computer, high and low peeling strength test machine:
    Computer type low temperature and high peeling strength testing machine according to the requirement of the environment, equipped with different fixture can test tape, self-adhesive trademark products of high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, high temperature and low temperature 900 peel strength, 1800 peel strength. In order to consider the dielectric adhesion tape products. And the tensile strength test base. Another: the instrument by software can edit, pressure, tension test.
    Two, computer type high and low peel strength testing machine specifications:
    Type: KJ-1067 computer type high temperature tensile test machine;
    Load element: grade 0.5 wheel type high precision force sensor;
    Force accuracy: less than 0.5% / + 1%;
    The temperature range of ~150 DEG C: -40;
    Distribution accuracy: + 1% (1 c) at-room100 c;
    Refrigeration system: the use of French Taikang compressors, the noise is very small;
    Test schedule: 400mm;
    Test width: 400mm;
    Transmission: Japan Panasonic servo motor (Taiwan / Chang Yi motor);
    Control system: Panasonic servo drive controller / (frequency control);
    Speed accuracy: the value is less than 0.5%;
    Travel: 1200mm free out;
    Computer system: a computer + color printer;
    According to the special test fixture configuration: customer product matching a fixture;
    Volume: 1000x600x2200mm W*D*H;
    Power source: AC220V 50HZ;
    Weight: 800KG;
    Power source: AC220V 50HZ;
    Automatic stop device: 1 upper and lower stroke protection device 2 maximum capacity overload protection 3 leakage protection;
    Servo motor power: 3KW;
    Test speed range: 0.5 ~ 500mm/min faster than 500mm/min? When the applied force should not be less than the maximum test force of 25%;
    Large deformation resolution: 0.008mm;
    Effective pillar spacing: 500mm;
    Power magnification: * 1, * 2, * 5, * 10, * 20, * 50, * 100 seven speed automatic gear switch;
    Error: the displacement value is less than 0.5%;
    Variant measurement range: 2~100%FS;
    Error: the deformation value is less than 0.5%;
    Standard accessories: a 1 Chinese operating instructions, a 2 warranty;
    The accuracy level: 0.5 /1;
    The strength degree of decomposition (1/100000): 1/200000;
    Resolution: the maximum deformation deformation of 1/200000~1/100000;
    Large deformation measurement range: 10~800mm;
    Material testing machine software: software testing machine based on WINDOWS-XP platform;
    The test force test range: 0.4%~100%FS;
    The maximum allowable load: 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000KG;
    Error limit shows: large deformation value is less than 0.5%.

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