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    KJ-2010A precision oven
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    A precise oven parameters:
    The internal size: 400 x 400 x 400 mm;
    Size: Please prevail in kind;
    Electrical source voltage: 380V 60Hz;
    Heating power: about 7.5KW.

    Two, precision oven features:
    1, the machine controller is located below the stainless steel handle, explosion-proof door buckle;
    2, made of 310 stainless steel, is clean and smooth, easy to clean and no residue, strong corrosion resistance, all internal material using low polluting materials, internal all adopt seamless argon arc welding;
    3, the material is SECC steel plate, the plate thickness is 1.5mm fine powder paint processing;
    4, heat insulation material is imported high density glass wool, good heat insulation, maximally ensure heat preservation temperature, anti dense packing material for high temperature resistant asbestos cloth, long time to withstand temperatures above 600 degrees.

    Three, precision oven temperature control system:
    Temperature control PID microcomputer can control program, temperature automatic calculation PV/SV also display, in that allow the machine temperature range according to the wishes of the individual freedoms set the desired temperature is to be set up eight temperature independent set of each temperature zone heating rate and isothermal time, and through the PID parameters in the table set to ensure the accuracy of the temperature control, can also be appropriate temperature parameter is obtained by the table of system self calculus. Temperature in Ca (k) type output of 12V. The current controller for the SSR Relay non contact, high stability current. The heating material for the import of CD alloy heating wire, no pollution and long service life. The temperature range of RT to 400 DEG C, the commonly used temperature range of RT to 300 DEG C. Precision control precision: - 0.5 DEG C, the distribution of temperature of - 1% DEG C (no load).

    Four, precision oven air supply system:
    1, mandatory level air circulation, wind by motor cycle operation to drive wind wheel electric heater, hot air from the duct air supply to the oven inside, and the hot air suction wind;
    2, become the source re circulation heating, thereby reducing energy loss and ensure uniform temperature inside the box, when the door is open, off the action caused by disturbance, like to take this opportunity to send wind circulation system quickly returned to the operating state of the temperature value.
    3, motor imported from Taiwan long high temperature resistant, power 1/2HP50Hz, fan for multi blade turbine type, high strength, equipped with adjustable guide wind board, wind circulation road run more smoothly;
    4, the heating rate of RT to 100 DEG C for about 10 minutes.
    Five, precision oven accessories:
    1, ultra high temperature protection, no fuse switch, porcelain fuse, motor overload protection;
    2, timer 9999 seconds ~9999 hours (H.M.S switching and decimal point position set);
    3, temperature to time, when the power failure, stop heating and alarm.

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