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    KJ-2091 protective film temperature humidity tester
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01




    A protective film, heat and humidity test instrument use:
    Protective film temperature humidity measuring instrument is mainly used for adhesive, protective film, release paper products such as aging resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to low temperature environment test products were observed by temperature whether residue, gel shift and degumming.
    Two, the protective film temperature humidity tester technical parameters:
    The inner box size: 40*40*50, 50*50*60, 70*70*85, 100*100*80;
    The temperature range of -40~+150 DEG C; and the accuracy of 0.1 degrees, plus or minus 0.3 DEG c;
    The temperature range and accuracy: 20%RH~98%RH; 0.1%RH, 2.5%RH;
    Temperature and humidity control: TEMI880 touch screen controller;
    Circulatory system: forced circulation fan;
    Heating system: SUS #304, stainless steel heater;
    Humidification: surface evaporation, transparent structure;
    Cooling system: cooling fan, high efficiency full closed compressor, the French brand of Taikang;
    Water supply system: automatic control, transparent structure, automatic water recycle reuse;
    Dehumidification system: freezing latent heat dehumidification method;
    Safety device: leakage, overload, compressor overload, over temperature, wet, dry, wet ultra overheating protection;
    Standard equipment: 0~999.9H power failure memory type, scaffolding group 2, observation window, vacuum room lamp, anti sweat demister;
    Power source: single-phase AC220V/50 or 60Hz.

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