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    KJ-6006 normal temperature type tape retention testing machine
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    A normal temperature type tape retention testing machine:
    For adhesive. Focus on the static load test, under certain load automatic recording tape to keep time, to confirm the ageing of adhesive tape. Cut 1 inch wide strip tape posted on the provisions of the SUS#304 stainless steel plate, the 2kg standard roller to 300mm per minute speed and rolling three times, the steel plate is hung on the testing machine, plus the specified weight. When the tape since the plate after the fall, the timer will automatically retain the test time, used to assess tape adhesion of persistence. Ambient temperature tape to keep force test machine widely used in adhesive tape, protective film, adhesive sticker, foam, adhesive, etc. product industry, with specimens fall time automatic memory function, without the operator in the test process monitoring; structure has the advantages of beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
    Two, normal temperature type tape retention test machine reference standard: GB/T4851 CNS-11887 11888, PSTC-7
    Three, normal temperature type tape retention testing machine technical parameters are as follows:
    Temperature: room temperature
    Test group: 6
    Test weight: 1kg, 6
    Timer: 99999.9 hours (or 6 minutes, can be set), group
    Stainless steel plate: SUS #304,6
    Connector: 6P.S
    Accessories: level
    Machine size: 550 x 200 x 500 mm
    Machine weight: 20kg
    Four, normal temperature type tape to maintain operation method testing machine:
    1, the test machine in solid state machine to maintain the level of the desktop.
    2, press the timer key to make it return to zero RESET.
    3, the required test tape for a certain length, in the attached test piece, the test piece made of #304 mirror steel plate, steel plates then cleaning agents cleaning net. The use of KJ-6020/6021 rolling wheel rolling, the uniform tape adhesion to the test pieces (1 "x 1"), the ten groups of test piece preparation.
    4, good adhesive tape adhesive sheet 6 groups (attached placed 20min), are hung on the hook on the test machine.
    5, taking weight 6 were hanging on test pieces under the tape connecting piece, in hanging a timer switch automatically start time, the timer power independence.
    6, when the tape off, automatic stop timing and keep the test time, read the tape to maintain adhesion time or slide displacement.
    7, before each test, be sure to pay attention to the timer to zero.
    Five, normal temperature type tape retention test machine operation precautions:
    1, the machine level should be maintained and stable.
    2, test and test of the steel plate after cleaning.
    3, in tape test piece should be smooth and uniform, so as not to affect the test precision.
    4, after fitting placed 20min in testing (or according to customer requirements test).
    5, please operated by professional staff, to avoid improper use.
    Six, normal temperature type tape retention testing machine maintenance:
    1, please clean cotton cloth to wipe maintenance, such as residue in the plate please rinse with alcohol and wipe clean.
    2, after use should be clean and maintenance.

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