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    KJ-6016 oven type tape retention testing machine
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    A type of oven, tape retention testing machine:
    Oven type tape to maintain strength testing machine for adhesive. Focus on the static load test and under a certain load and temperature automatic timing belt to keep time, sophisticated KJ-6016 product design, internal temperature distribution uniform, hot air flow and does not affect the test results.

    Two, keep the oven type tape specification testing machine:
    Within the range of room temperature to 200 DEG c;
    Control mode: P.I.D. automatic temperature calculation;
    The temperature of 0.1 DEG C: analytical display unit;
    Machine style: split type, can be used in oven;
    Control precision: - 0.3 DEG c;
    Distribution accuracy: + 1% (1 c) at-room100 c;
    Farmar accessories: 1kg, group 6, and double row;
    Standard spare parts: observation window;
    Timer: 9999.60 minutes 6;
    Safety protection: over temperature independent EGO power, all specimens fall off heat automatically;
    Manufacturing material: SUS#304 stainless steel plate, internal external coating: paint;
    Weight: 80kg size /W * D * H 900 * 550 * 750 mm;
    Power source: 1, AC 220V, 50Hz 15A.

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