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    KJ-6021B dual motor roller
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    One, two motor roller use:
    Two motor roller main auxiliary in adhesive tape, protective film, peel strength, cohesion test film products. The pressure and speed will be fixed, adhesive tape sample standard smooth, uniform standard on substrate adhesion test.
    Two, two motor roller reference standard: CNS 11888, PSTC-8.
    Three, two motor roller technical parameters:
    Wheel weight: 2kg;
    Rolling guide: 2
    Rolling speed: 300mm/min;
    Rubber hardness: Hs80 + 5
    Machine weight: 15KG
    Power source: 2PH AC220V,
    Design standards: CNS-11888;
    Four, two motor roller operation method:
    1, the plate on the machine, tape affixed to one end of the steel plate is fixed, while the other end can withstand the test tank.
    2, the power switch is turned on, press the start button, pressing wheel automatic from the side of the tape rolling with constant speed to the other end.
    3, to reach the other end pressure wheel will automatically return, to go back and forth three roller automatic stop, and then press the reset button to return to zero. Or stay out of the test plate after pressing wheel, press the stop button. A rolling back and forth movement. (the default three round-trip stop).
    Repeat the operation in 4, according to the need of testing.

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