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    The analysis and test the tensile testing machine error
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Often encountered in the mechanical metrology instrument, tensile testing machine verification regulation of the indication permissible error is usually not more than plus or minus 1%, the Metrology Department of the of metrological verification, which is shown value error is mainly through the following several ways in which:
    One, showing the value of positive difference.
    Two, showing the value of negative difference.
    Three, error is presented before the positive negative "or" positive and negative after the "individual difference in the dial. In view of the above situation, the following adjustment:
    The first case: the confirmation tensile testing machine installation level conforms to the requirements of the rules, the first step is to check the work part of friction is too large, if it is, should be adjusted, eliminating the friction, necessary cleaning cylinders work, such as to exclude the influence of the friction still exist after the positive difference, will test force (reading) in the swing rod and the push board connecting sleeve fastening screw loose, the push plate to the inside of the adjustment, tightening the fastening screws, by the small dial step by step test, repeated several times, until the verification qualified;
    Second: should first check whether the correct installation of piston force, friction force is too large, excluded for this reason, the push plate to the lateral adjustment, small scale adjustment qualified;
    The third situation: at this time, should change the tooth plate and the pushing rod head contact surface at an angle, the contact surface is usually with a piece of flat steel plate by two screws fixed on the pushing plate surface, the adjusting method is will two screw loose, with copper skin or other thin metal pad between the steel plate and the push plate on the upper or lower side (cushion can only be on one side), so as to change the angle of the, repeated verification adjusted until qualified.

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