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    What are the components of pulling machine
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Pulling force test machine is mainly used for all kinds of material, namely, tensile strength, compressive strength and elongation, can do stripping, tearing, bending, bending and compression test. The following main introduce tension machine is mainly composed of what components and their respective roles:
    A measurement system
    The main You Li value measurement system force measuring system, deformation measurement system and the measurement of beam displacement;
    1, measurement of force value
    The force measuring system is mainly composed of a force measuring sensor, amplifier and data processing system;
    1), force sensor
    So-called force measuring sensor, more common in the market is the strain gage sensor. The main part of strain gauge, elastic element and some accessories (compensating element, shield, connector socket, load component), a mechanical quantity into electricity output of the device. Mainly has: cylinder shaped force sensor, spoke type force sensor, double s even pass sensor, a cross beam type sensor type.
    2), elastic element
    Using the elastic properties of the material to complete the various functions of the components, its working principle in the tensile machine to S-type sensor as an example, when the sensor is subjected to tensile force P, due to the surface of the elastic member bonded strain gauge, because the size of the elastic element strain and external force P is the proportion of, therefore strain access chip measurement circuit, can be measured by the output voltage so as to measure the output size.
    3) and data processing system
    The sensor output signal is very weak, usually only a few mV, if we directly measure this signal, it is very difficult, and can not meet the requirements of high precision measurement. Therefore must through the amplifier will amplify the weak signal, amplified signal voltage up to 10V, at this time of the signal to analog signal and the analog signal through the multi way switch and a / D conversion chip change into digital signals, and then data processing, so far, force measurement told a paragraph.
    2, beam displacement measurement: the principle with deformation measurement is roughly the same, is through the measurement of photoelectric encoder output pulse number to obtain the displacement of the beam.
    3, deformation measurement
    Measured by the deformation measuring device, which is used to measure the deformation of specimen produced during the trial.
    The device has two chucks, after a series of drive mechanism and installed in the top of the measuring device of photoelectric encoder even together, when the distance between the two clamping heads are changed, driven by photoelectric encoder shaft rotation, photoelectric encoder will pulse signal output. Then this signal processing by the MCU, it can be concluded that the deformation of the specimen.
    Two, computer for data collection and analysis, after entering the test interface, the computer will collect all sorts of test data, real-time draw the test curve, calculate the test parameters automatically and output the report.
    Three, control system
    The tensile machine operation system, people through the console can control tensile machine operation, through the display screen can learn tensile machine status and the test parameters, if the machine with a computer, you can also by the computer to achieve the function and data processing and analysis, test results and print. The communication between the testing machine and the computer is generally used RS232 serial communication, through the back of the computer serial port (COM) communications, the technology is mature, reliable, easy to use.
    Four, drive system
    Is mainly used for the universal material testing machine movement of the beam and its working principle is by a servo system to control the motor, motor through reducer and a series of drive mechanism drives the screw rod to rotate, so as to control the purpose of moving beam. By changing the motor speed, the speed can change the beam.

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