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    Sensor drift tensile testing machine in how to solve?
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Performance of tension sensors mainly include linear error and hysteresis error repeatability error creep, zero temperature characteristics and temperature sensitivity characteristics.
    Tensile testing machine force sensor based on such a principle: elastomers (elastic element, the sensitive beam) under the external force to generate elastic deformation, to make paste in he surface of resistance strain gages are also accompanied by deformation, deformation resistance strain gauge, its resistance will occur change (increase or decrease), the corresponding measurement circuit to the resistance change is converted to electrical signals (voltage or current), thus completing the external force is transformed into electrical signal.
    Considering the influence of place of use of the strategy for the conversion of acceleration and air buoyancy. Tensile machine tension sensor has the advantages of high precision, long service life, measuring range, good frequency response, simple structure and can work in harsh conditions, easy to realize miniaturization and integration and species diversity. It is the shortcomings of nonlinear, large output signal is weak for large strain, but can take some compensation measures. So it is widely used in the automatic test and control technology.

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