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    Universal material testing machine
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    In the first half, China universal material testing machine market growth continued to slow down, market space to shrink, universal material testing machine market environment changes to further intensify competition, the market smoke, multinational, joint ventures, independent enterprise expansion full range competing. In order to gain a firm foothold in the war, independent brands have pulled upward, high-end banner, although it makes the independent brand in the first half of the race continued to increase market share, but to to the independent brand rely on a higher degree of the local parts enterprises to bring the heavy crisis. Chase the deer high-end independent enterprise much to choose from to near "brand name" parts highlight the high-end of the route, led directly to the local parts enterprises market space tends to shrink.
    Strategic investment in local enterprises continued to strengthen, M & a wind or more fresh
    In the second half of China universal material testing machine market will be more lively, under such a situation, local universal material testing machine enterprises also launched a counter attack of the road, through the strategic adjustment and investment, open the transformation of the way, especially to mergers and acquisitions, integration of wind most intense.
    So from the first half of the enterprise M & A efforts can be seen its acquisition of the initiative strong. Then, the breeze is likely to continue to blow me down. However, resource integration in overseas M & A will be a big problem, but also hope that all enterprises pay attention to potential risks and improve the ability of management, master of quality resources.
    Accelerate the integration of domestic resources
    Domestic enterprises merging and consolidating effect will continue to expand, but in the future, with the market itself to the transformation of the intelligent and green, domestic enterprises only to strengthen the integration of resources and efforts, through the adjustment of product structure, extending industrial chain etc. in order to obtain new living space.
    Multinational companies overweight localization strategy, accelerate the Nuggets
    As in the first half of the multinational business trends can be seen, although the Chinese universal material testing machine market shrinking, but for parts enterprises still huge attraction. They also have good Chinese market, forecast growth in double digits.

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