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    Why force sensing super load appear tensile machine
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    Should first consider the need to test the material tension, tension range is different, as decided by the use of different sensors, it determines the structure of tension, but the impact of the price is not (except the door style).
    For general rubber manufacturers, the tension in the range of 200 kg. So the general selection of single column more. And the corresponding single column structure is gantry structure, it is to adapt to the relatively large force, such as 500 kilograms or more. Used in metal material test. The speed of 0.01~500 is about mm/min. The material elongation more than 1000% can choose to travel 1000 or 1200mm. The three basic problems of intelligent configuration lead standard configuration: host, microcomputer and printer, the microcomputer can print directly. It also can be equipped with computer. The computer can analyze complex data, such as data editing, local amplification, adjust the report form, statistical analysis of group style. If equipped with a computer, the manufacturer should add the corresponding control system. Output the results output results can be arbitrarily set: maximum force value, elongation, tensile strength and elongation of anyone, stretch Changli value, yield strength, elastic modulus, maximum test force 8. It can be said that the microcomputer operation, the output of the most comprehensive results. Some foreign manufacturers of products, can output the 8. Some domestic manufacturers can output 5-6, some manufacturers can only output the maximum force value, average value, the minimum value of three.
    In the project we can experiment with soft packing requirements of tensile machine of a machine, which is based on the fixture can be equipped with different, stretching and compressing, bending, shearing and tearing, 180 degrees, 90 degrees peel off test. There are a number of high tension machine in addition to the above items on the market, because of its high precision sensor (some 1/300000). The main products are mechanical drive configuration, screw drive and rack drive, the former for expensive, high accuracy, high repeatability test; the latter for cheap, low precision, low testing repeatability. Pull machine screw, has a decisive effect on the tension measuring precision. The ball screw, trapezoidal screw, general screw. The ball screw of the highest accuracy, but its performance depend on the computer servo system can play a set of operation, the price is also more expensive. The ordinary screw and trapezoidal screw can achieve flexible packaging required accuracy is the accuracy of 0.5-1%. Drive, gear drive and chain drive, the former is expensive for high precision; the latter is cheap for low precision. The sensor, the service life is the main cost, photoelectric sensor is one of the more advanced technology, generally available more than one hundred thousand times, imports and domestic manufacturers can be part of the joint venture.

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