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    Tensile testing machine should pay attention to what to buy?
    Source:Kejian Instrument Time:2016-03-01
    One, first of all should determine your products need to do testing, because of the tensile test machine, also known as universal testing machine, testing of various materials, semi-finished products and finished products tensile, compressive strength and elongation, elongation, do peel, tear and bending, bending, compression...... Etc.. All kinds of tensile testing machine of different models, different fixture, of course, the price is the same.
    Second, the need to consider the tension range, for general flexible packaging manufacturer, tension range around 200N is enough, is single, in the large is gantry, more than 1 ton, as manufacturers of steel to consider using this, or greater.
    Third, stroke, according to the production of their own products and, travel market general tensile testing machine general between the 600mm--800mm--1000mm, for measuring products of parts and materials should be suitable for most of the manufacturers, fourth, the measurement of the speed of the national standard speed of 200mm / min, equipment market has 10 ~ 500mm, 0.001 ~ 500mm / min or higher precision, the former general use ordinary motor without speed, low accuracy, price is relatively cheap; using the latter is servo motor, computer servo system, with high precision, high resolution; according to the manufacturers required to buy. Five, including the accuracy of power measurement accuracy, speed and accuracy, the accuracy of deformation, displacement precision. The accuracy can reach the highest value of plus or minus 0.5, the amplitude of 1% general manufacturers accuracy is enough, in addition, the force resolution can reach 1/100000...

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